Mar 1, 2016

Board Meeting Highlights February 23, 2016

Proposed Strategic Direction Consultation

A Thoughtexchange consultation on the Board Proposed Strategic Direction will begin with the launch of an online conversation. Beginning March 2nd parents, guardians, and community stakeholders will be invited to share their thoughts on the following four questions:

  1. What are your concerns about the proposed strategic direction?
  2. What do you appreciate about the proposed strategic direction?
  3. What are your questions about the proposed strategic direction?
  4. What are some things you would like students to experience that they currently cannot?

From March 16-28 participants will get a second opportunity for input by assigning stars to all the thoughts that have been submitted.  The thoughts with the most assigned stars will assist the Board in developing and understanding of the thoughts that the public believe to be the most important.  From April 23 onward the Board will review the results and share with the public what they have discovered. 

The Board will then host two open houses to gather input on the Proposed Strategic Direction and to discuss the survey results.  Open houses will be held at 7:00 p.m. in Millet at the Griffiths-Scott Middle School on May 4th, 2016 and at 7:00 p.m. in Wetaskiwin at the École Queen Elizabeth School on May 10th, 2016.


Wetaskiwin Composite High School (WCHS) Major Modernization Project Update
The modernization project at the WCHS is currently working in Phases I and II simultaneously.  Phase I has some components that have not been completed however it was necessary to move into Phase II to ensure continued progress. Extensive work has been completed on the east gymnasium and the floor will be installed on March 10, 2016. 

As part of the modernization the entire electrical system has been inspected and upgraded.  New rooftop air handling units have been installed and the boilers from the 1965 section of the school were removed and replaced.   Mechanical and electrical removal and new installations are continuing as part of Phase I and beginning in Phase II.   Much of the physical deconstruction of classroom walls within Phase II has been completed.

Given the magnitude of this project we continue to make steady progress.  This is being done while keeping the school safe, warm and functional throughout the deconstruction and reconstruction process.  The project has had challenges but overall it continues to move forward positively through good communication, patience and the support of our school’s administration team, staff, students and contractors.


 View: Board Meeting Highlights February 23, 2016

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