Approved Software List for Schools

Approved Software List for Schools

*Below is a list of software titles that were approved in 2014/15.  Due to the constantly changing world of technology these may or may not be the most current or best choice for the instructional application teachers are looking for.   WRPS has moved away from a committee approval system to a more independent teacher directed experience with apps and websites which are hosted in the cloud and rarely involve actual software or hardware.  


*Check out the "Useful Online Tools" section on this webpage to see what tools have been or could be used in WRPS as well as the various Shared Resources listed on this webpage.


Hardware Software Working Group   - Finalized Software List 2014-15



Frames 5 (WC)



Internet Explorer (TD)

Google Chrome (WC)


Browser Plug-ins

Flowplayer (WC)

Unity Web Player (WC)



BRIM Anti-Bullying Software (BM)

Counselling Trac (Nina Wyrostok)



3D Made Easy (WC)

AutoDesk Academy (WC)

Dragster Design (PL)

Model Smart 3D (PL)

NXT Trainer (WC)

NXT Mindstorms 2 (WC)

Rhino 3D (WC)

Rhino Cam/Rhino Art/Flamingo (WC)

Science and Technology Wheel (PL)

West Bridge Designer (WC)


Education - General Subjects

Brain Pop (CE)

Enchanted (Lakedell)

Glogster (CE)

Learning A-Z: (NO)

Luminosity: (BM)

Starfall More (CE)


Educational Testing

Exam View (QE)

KeyMath 3 Assist Scoring and Reporting System (PD)

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test 4 Assist Scoring and Reporting System (PD)



Photoshop Elements (AF)



All the Right Type (TD)

Dance Mat Typing (CE)


Language Arts

Bit Strips (CE)

Handwriting Without Tears (CE)


Pixie (AF)

Raz Kids: (NO)

Reading A-Z (CE)

Reading Bear – (PD)

Sight Words - Grade K-2 (CV)

Sight Words - Grade 2-4 (CV)

Spelling City - (AF)

Superphonics  - Grade 1-2 (CV)

Superphonics  - Grade 2-3 (CV)

Tumblebooks (CV & PD)

Tumblebooks Library (CV)

Vocabulary Spelling City (LD)



Follett Library System (TD)



IXL Math (CV)

Mathletics (AF)

Math Tools for Notebook 11 (PL)

Texas Instruments TI Software (PL)



iTunes 6 (PL)



Google for Education (Google Docs, Google Apps, Google Drive, etc.) (WC)

Prezi (WC)


Special Education

Dragon Naturally Speaking (WC)

Read and Write Gold (TD)

Read and Write for Google (Formerly Read and Write Gold. App available in Google web store).

Successmaker (TD)

Technology Department

Everything Help Desk - (work order/tech request system) (TD)

Palo Alto Firewall and Content Filter - (web content filter) (TD)

MS Exchange 2010 - (WRPS email system) (TD)

School Connects (Synervoice) - (Callout system) (TD)


Video Conferencing

Google Hangouts (TD)

Skype (TD)


Video Converters

Format Factory Video Converter (WC)