WRPS uses Gmail

Gmail is the NEW email tool for WRPS

As of mid-January 2017 all WRPS staff have been migrated to  as our email system for WRPS.


We encourage staff to download the FREE G-Suite For Education training app that will guide you through the use of gmail in easy to follow tutorial videos as well as other google suite applications if they require more training.


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How to's:

How do I log in to my Gmail? How do I share calendar access to other staff?          
How do I access training?   How do I download gmail for my mobile device?
  What can I do with Google Calendar? 
How do I change or reset my gmail password?  



*below is info that was posted prior to migration for your reference if required.


From Oct - Dec. 2016 all WRPS sites and staff will be moved to their new  accounts for email.  

All emails, folders and calendar dates from your old Outlook account will be migrated by our IT department into your new Gmail account.  IT will also set up a forwarding rule so any messages sent to your old account will be forwarded to your new gmail.

Just like when you move physically and change your address you will have a period of 1 year to change any emails that are coming to your old outlook account.  You have to do this manually yourself, IT can't do it for you.

My outlook is being migrated soon what should I do? 



Will anything change for students? Will my email account stay the same?
What kind of password do I need?  What happens to my old outlook account?
What about security and privacy?  Can I use my new gmail account on my mobile phone?
Are we getting rid of Microsoft Office? When should I use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer?   
 Will I have to log in to our WRPS and Chrome separately?  

 Please note that if you used an ARCHIVE feature in Outlook that nothing in the Archive folder will migrate over - this was not a supported and promoted practice in WRPS so most likely does not apply to you.  However, if you are one of the few that does use Archive you will need to retrieve this folder yourself.  Please contact the IT department for assistance if this applies to you.