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Creative Parents in Home Education

Students registered with Wetaskiwin Home Education have been busy with many projects this year. In school we refer to these projects as Project Based Learning. In home education it is just the way things are done everyday.

When students are completing their education at home, parents create opportunities to learn about a subject though a practical hands on experience that may take place at home or may be facilitated by another provider like the U of A, Apple Store, camps offered by credentialed scientists, pianists, artists, athletes, drama professionals, TWOS; to name a small fraction of the many resources accessed.

Many of these experiences involve athletics, biology, geology, archeology, robotics, electronics, architecture, drama, literature, fine arts, animation, Canadian history and learning about different cultures.

The diverse programs parents create for their children enrich the education of their students helping them to be the best they can be.


Creative Parents in Home Education

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Posted April 18, 2017

Sherry Anderson

I love the igloo! My family home schooled for 21 years and looking at the pictures posted brought back a flood of memories of hands -on learning. Learning alongside my children has been the best years so far. Keep going Moms and Dads! You are doing a great job!!